Two months to pub date is a great excuse for a giveaway

When you’re in the throes of finishing a book and your publisher have given you a release date that feels about ten lifetimes away, it’s hard to imagine that yes, at some point, this thing you have written will be a shiny bound thing that sits on a bookstore shelf. I’ve said and typed the date “June 4, 2013″ so often that it has stopped feeling actual. But time has a way of zooming and hey, now. Look. That iconic-to-me calendar day, when YOU LOOK DIFFERENT IN REAL LIFE is officially published, is TWO MONTHS AWAY. That’s like, a mere 8 episodes of “Smash.”

As such, I’m in a generous, celebratory mood, and have put together this fabulous prize pack of a signed (and dedicated if requested) ARC of YOU LOOK DIFFERENT IN REAL LIFE, a signed (and dedicated if requested) paperback of THE BEGINNING OF AFTER — the lighter, floppier version of my first novel that comes out on April 16 — plus a handful of bookmarks for both books, because why the hell not.

Beginning of After and You Look Different in Real Life giveaway prize pack

*waves spokesmodel arms*

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post about your favorite documentary or reality TV show. Extra entries for following me on Twitter and tweeting about this giveaway. I will make this giveaway open internationally, and it will run until midnight on April 16.


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Laurel lives!

So here’s something fun:

Click this to see a list of all the authors and tour stops.

Recently, I was invited by the awesome bloggers at Fiktshun and Two Chicks On Books to participate in their “Authors Are Rockstars” tour. (Note to self: If you want a whole bunch of YA authors to eagerly say yes to your blog event, work the word “rockstar” into the title.) They suggested several types of posts, including a character interview with Laurel from “The Beginning of After.” I’ve never done a character interview before. What better time to try than when you haven’t written as this character for almost two years?

Jennifer at the Little Shelf blog, who hosted my tour stop, sent over some fantastic questions for Laurel that really made me think. I had to dig back a bit, but realized she is still very much a part of me — a part I’ve really missed.

You can read this post here (full of incredibly flattering comments which made me blush) and also enter to win a signed and personalized copy of “The Beginning of After,” donated by yours truly. I love that most of the comments are blog readers chiming in on what tree they’d choose to be. I found it especially cool to be asked that question, because I have a bit of a thing for trees. Hence the illustrations on this website and a ridiculous amount of Hipstamatic photos of branches stored on my cell phone.

Laurel lives! Always.

Twitter, you’re not scary and weird to me anymore, so I’m doing a giveaway on you

One month until pub day. Can hardly believe it, is it really happening, this is going to be so surreal, blah blurgle beh…I’m so excited that see, I can’t even talk about it.

Instead, I’ll give away some ARCs and other goodies as thanks for all the TBOA love out there.

I was late to the Twitter party, wary of another techno time-suck. People convinced me I’d really be missing out, as an author and as a general human being, if I didn’t join up. At first, the whole thing confused me and made me feel dumb. (“What are hashtags? What’s the deal with putting @ in front of someone’s name?” I’m the dork who had to look up what “#FF” meant.) Now I am schooled and totally, shamelessly, in like with it.

So here’s my first Twitter giveaway…the first of many! I have not one but TWO prize packages to offer up, each of which will include:

  • A signed (and dedicated, if you wish) ARC of “The Beginning of After”
  • An ARC of another, highly anticipated Fall YA release; one package will have “The Future of Us,” the other “Shatter Me”
  • A CD of The Weepies’ album “Hideaway” — music that provided much of my writing soundtrack for “The Beginning of After”

Open to readers in the U.S. and Canada only. (I plan to do an “international only” giveaway soon!)

To enter, retweet this message or something like it (and follow me if you don’t already):

RT and follow @Jennifer_Castle to win “The Beginning of After” signed ARC and other prizes

I’ll use to choose two winners. Giveaway ends Monday, August 15 at midnight PST. Good luck!