My gosh, will you look at this thing?

The Beginning of After uncorrected proofIt’s like, a book!

The other day, a surprise package arrived from my editor Rosemary. This is what was inside.

I properly hugged it, felt it up, and took 27 pictures of it with my phone. I’m telling you this because I don’t care how pathetic that sounds. That’s how excited I am!

I sent  a pic to my agent, Jamie, and she wrote back, “Your new book baby!” And that’s pretty much what it is. I felt like I had to have it with me at all times, and if I left it somewhere in the house, I found myself going to check on it every little while. Like I had to make sure it was real. As if its presence would keep me sane and even happy.

As with any baby, you have to let it loose in the world, albeit a little at a time. So I lent it to a couple of family members who hadn’t read it yet and whose opinions I’m eager for.

I’m feeling like the fun is truly starting now. And I’m only a little bit petrified.

Worth stopping in

I made an impulse stop at the farm down the road to get some Honeycrisps and homemade apple cider. Instead of Luisa, the lovely lady who runs the farm stand, I found this.

On a day when I’ve had only a half-night of sleep because our cat ate the class frog we were caring for over vacation, and I was stressing about a sick loved one, and we just spent a stomach-lurching amount of money fixing the car, I really, really needed this. It kind of made my heart soar.